Saturday - August 23rd, 2014

The last weekend before the Labor Day holiday has proven to be an exciting time recently at Great Adventure.  Not only is the theme park and water park in full swing, but with Fright Fest preparations underway, and the calendar pointing to the eve of its annual capital announcement for next year, anticipation is in the air.  Here are some photos from an enjoyable trip to both parks on this somewhat drizzly summer day.

Overcast skies meant few Harbor guests. Even some tubes have sponsors. Shade tarps help keep the slide platforms cool.
  The snakes lacked venom today.  
  I don't recall this spray being so big.
  Crop Circles will be this year's new terror trail along the Lakefront.
The Safari Off Road Adventure was as popular as ever, pulling in tons of families which filled the queue line.
Today's concert attracted large crowds.  
A few Rolling Thunder reminders can still be found.
  Zumanjaro was closed today. The Tiger Leap Market has extended its roof.
These items look very familiar... like  I have seen them somewhere recently!
Construction of The Wasteland has begun.
    A couple of great pre-sale deals for the terror trails are being offered.
See what I did here! Not exactly a Shirt Tales character!  
Here are several views from atop the Big Wheel.
  These umbrellas would have come in handy today.
The Rolling Thunder cars are gone!