Saturday - August 30, 2014

It is amazing how fast summer flashed by this year.  It seems it was just Memorial Day but now it is already Labor Day.  Knowing future opportunities would be limited for hitting the water park, guests flocked to Hurricane Harbor today but surprisingly the lines and crowds were not extreme and the park was enjoyable. 

Over at the theme park, advertising for the new Looping Dragon and 2015 season pass offers could be found throughout the park, and as is usual this time of year, Fright Fest set-up continues.

Check out photos of the parks below!

Cars were lined up at the HH tollbooths.     
There are even Jersey Boy umbrellas. There are only a few remaining original props from 2000's opening.
Lines for the slides were rather long.    
  There was a punch of punks in the waterpark!  
  Somewhere near the wave pool will be the new luxury cabanas next season.
The Great Six Flags Triathlon will take place on Sunday.  The finish line is near Kingda Ka.
  Superman was down all day with a crane was on site and the trains off the track.
  All the new deals for next season were being advertised around the park.
Paw & DisOrder finally opened in previews and while the animals are still being trained for their parts the cast and crew truly tried to take up the slack for missing tricks.  They did a great job of explaining what the show will be like when things are all in place and the animal stunts are second nature.
  The Buccaneer sign is still missing. Some scenery for Crop Circles has been delivered to the Lakefront.
Floating markers are in place for the swimming portion of the triathlon. The small stage show near the Four Tents has ended its run. There was a two hour wait for the very popular Safari Off Road Adventure.
  Some track repairs appear to be happening on the Runaway Train.
Slingshot and Twister were also having hiccups today. Looping Dragon will be somewhere around here in 2015.  
Zumanjaro was back in action today.
Free 2015 drink bottles with the Dining Plan!    
    There are a lot of hats on the roof of SkyScreamer's queue.
Dead Man's Party stage is up. The Wasteland terror trail is being prepped for Fright Fest.
Only one side of the Skyride again? This little seedling will grow huge soon. A big kid must have taken this seatbelt out.
The last SORA guests boarded about 6:30.
The Plucky Ducky machine has been decorated for Halloween and so have all the little ducky prizes.