Saturday - May 23rd, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend is here and so is the opening of Hurricane Harbor for the 2015 season.  The water park crowds were lighter than usual because of the cooler temperatures today but the theme park seemed to be taking up the slack with a decent size crowd enjoying all the rides including the Log Flume and Congo Rapids.

Here are some photos from around the parks!

This security shack at Hurricane Harbor (above center) is actually one of the theme park's original ticket booths from 1974. 
  The ticket booths received new roofs! 
  Be careful in the lazy river - the shark is missing.   
Everything was open today!     
The new Cabana Cove Bar and Grill is located behind the other food stands near the wave pool. 
The Safari gate still stands. 
  All these strollers prove the Safari is a popular family ride!   
  More progress on Macho Nacho.   
New lighting fixtures on BBLTT.  Hopefully the missing Carousel parts are being refurbished.   
  Zumanjaro and Ka were both open.   
Just kidding!     
  A small fire saw the temporary closure of the upper Boardwalk area.  Not much to see here.