Monday - July 13th, 2015

For the first time in a long time we were able to get in a three park visit today including the theme park, Safari Off Road Adventure, and Hurricane Harbor.  The thermostat definitely said summer but thanks to a beautiful Holiday in the Park sand sculpture that was being crafted and a blow up Santa Claus it was time for Christmas in July!

Here are some photos taken all around Great Adventure's parks today.  Enjoy!

If I could sculpt something this beautiful I would want to use a medium other than sand so it could last forever.  The details on Santa are really impressive and the Fright Fest display on the opposite side looks just as incredible.
The Lake Front is now fenced off from the left side of the Grandstands to the far side of Fort Independence.  The wall leads right up to both sides of the back of the Yum Yum Cafe.
  The curtains are back up in the Museum.  
The Soaring Eagle Zipline is now being advertised in the theme park.  
Finally had a chance to get on the Safari Off Road Adventure - first time in a long time.  This is one of Great Adventure's unique gems.
Batman The Ride Backwards is proving to be quite popular.  It seems guests scream more going backwards!
Oh the humanity!  
Work continued on the sand sculpture throughout the day.
Safari Discoveries is back open!  The park just seems to be more "complete" with this attraction back in the mix.
  This little one is so cute.  He was learning how to swim.
Macho Nacho looks really nice especially with its neighboring bar and table area La Cantina.  It is nice to see the park reintroduce the name of the original foodstand's name from 1979.
Sling Shot has some new signs.    
Over at the Harbor, the shark is back!    
    King Cobra has new clear tubes replacing the original snake skin set.