Thursday - August 20th, 2015

The first signs of Holiday in the Park decorations have arrived with several of the park's massive trees being tightly wrapped with thousand of lights from ground level up into the treetops.  Elsewhere, Fright Fest preparation has also started with the installation of a few of the terror trails.  As they say in Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas, "I know you are curious to see what's inside, it's what happens when two holidays collide!".

A new open/closed sign has been put up for Hurricane Harbor.   
  This is one of two new stands at HH for 2015. 
The historical displays in Main Street Market have been enhanced and look great! 
Tick.  Tick.  Tick. 
Doesn't this look like a turkey?     
It's beginning to look somewhat like Christmas! 
Work continues on the Holiday in the Park preview center. 
  More new ride signs in Adventure Alley.   
It was so nice to be able to enjoy an indoor show.  The magic and the air conditioning were excellent and the 4:30 show attracted a nice size audience. 
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    A new fence has gone up alongside Chiller. 
The Dead Man's Party stage is being assembled in Movie Town. 
Terror Trail work is in overdrive at the red and white tent.   
Take this picture while you can.  The sign outside of Wild's Trading Post has been enhanced.