Friday - August 28th, 2015

There is a lot of stuff going on at the park - some things are coming down while elsewhere things are going up.  Demolition work continues on the Great Lake Grandstand.  With the majority of bleachers flattened and the structure's canopy collapsed, it is strange to be able to see the lake from Dream Street once again.  That is a site that hasn't been seen since 1982! 

So what is going up?  Christmas Lights!  Not only have more trees been wrapped with miniature LEDs, but strings of sockets now outline most buildings from the Fountain to Granny's.  But you have to look closely to see them - they aren't really obvious.  Someone is going to be very busy when it comes time to screw in all the lightbulbs!

Enjoy these photos from around the park today.

The Lakefront looks more like a scrap metal yard this week.  Work is progressing quickly on the Great Lake Grandstand's removal. 
The bushes and trees have been removed from the left hand side of Fort Independence and the stadium will start to come down within a couple of weeks.   
Strings of C7 size Christmas light sockets have been installed on a lot of the buildings in and around the Fountain and Adventure Alley.  Even small structures like the Caricatures stand and ride operator booths have lights on them. 
The Holiday in the Park preview building looks wonderful especially now since two huge nutcrackers have been placed out front.  If this building and all the lights that have appeared so far are any indication, Holiday in the Park is going to be incredible. 
These signs make much more sense than the "High Voltage" ones found elsewhere.   
A dumpster has been temporarily placed next to Granny's - my guess would be roof or air conditioning equipment replacement.  
    Move over Guitar Hero! 
  It is the last weekend for Brad!  Check it out!