Saturday - September 5th, 2015

Beautiful weather kicked off the final weekend of daily operations at the theme park and brings to a close the opportunity to soak in the sun at Hurricane Harbor.  Demolition of the Fort Independence aqua stadium continues and soon the site will be cleared and ready for construction of the new ride for the 2016 season, Total Mayhem.  With Fright Fest less than two weeks away, it is strange to see that very little preparation has taken place for the event - by now cobwebs and the typical gruesome props would have been placed on stage.  I am sure they will kick decorating into high gear once the park closes after Labor Day.  On a bright note, the first LED Christmas light bulbs have been installed on the Flash Pass building.  We are in store for an exciting autumn and winter season ahead this year!

    Labor Day pass specials end soon!
  Doesn't this defeat the purpose of preferred parking?  
More strings of lights are up!  
The Flash Pass building is the first structure to have bulbs installed in the strings of sockets.
The Fort Independence aqua stadium continues to be picked away allowing sunlight to shine under its bleachers for the first time since 1974.
The front gates of the stadium have been placed on the side.    
I would imagine some of the concrete found under the Festival Stage was actually from the foundation for the Time Warp ride. With the entire Great Lake Grandstand demolished, work continues on clearing the rubble and leveling the exposed site.
Ever since this door was eliminated from the Attitudes store, for some reason I visit this shop less often.    
  Last weekend for Batman Backwards?  
    The 2016 unlimited refill bottles are blue and only available with the dining plan.