Thursday - May 26th, 2016

On Thursday, May 26th, Great Adventure proudly added their fourteenth roller coaster (including El Diablo) to the exciting lineup of scream machines at the park.  The Joker's debut came with extra sunny weather and a wave of media members and coaster and ride enthusiasts.  Park management along with roller coaster guru Tim Baldwin and funny man (aka "joker") Joe Piscopo and the Boys and Girls Clubs of New Jersey got the festivities started with a blast of green and purple streamers.  Before the event ended, the Joker played an unexpected trick on attendees which temporarily shut the ride down because of excess spinsanity.  After a few adjustments in the hours that followed, the ride welcomed season pass holders and guests in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Many thanks to the folks at Great Adventure for a fun-filled event!

  Great graphics adorn the queue line.  
  Large video screens will soon be added to the Joker's main queue.
  Let the grand opening ceremonies begin!  
Cool Joker themed food and snacks were available!  
The exit from the purple side runs along the water's edge of the Great Lake.
Funhouse Gifts is a brand new merchandise shop at the exit of the Joker offering themed apparel and souvenirs.