Wednesday - June 22nd, 2016

After several busy weekends I was finally able to make it back to Great Adventure today and even managed a stop off in Hurricane Harbor.  Here are some photos from around the parks including progress on the Harbor's new Caribbean Cove.  Enjoy the pictures!

The bridge to Big Wave Racer is open once again. A true summer event - Shark Week!
Caribbean Cove's main play structure is nearly complete and the concrete sundeck and splash features will soon be ready.
An oversized parrot awaits installation. The new attraction takes up the entire vacant lot near Big Wave Racer.  
  It looks like the park is preparing for tomorrow's expected severe weather.
The park has finally attempted to put the decorative support column caps around the base of King Cobra.
  Patriotic T-shirts are only $8!  
  Bugs Bunny Barnstormers is still in rehab.  
Nitro celebrates its 15th Birthday! Still needs its queue cover.
Batman The Ride was closed.
  A nice open space as seen from the Big Wheel!  
The JOKER offered up uninterrupted spinsanity.
Great graphics can be found on the Villain's Cafe.
  The Great Lake Grandstand site has been fenced off.
When machines replace people! Ah, The Log Flume - a treasure!  
New game coming soon.