Saturday - July 9th, 2016

With a string of 90+ degree days behind us, a visit to the park was in order on a somewhat gray day.  Overcast skies seemed to keep the large Saturday crowds down allowing most of the rides and attractions to be walk-ons.  Here are some photos from around the water and theme parks.

    A food trailer from the theme park has been transplanted to the water park.
New lockers are available next to the new beach chair area next to Caribbean Cove.
  We now have three giant tipping buckets!  
    Sandcastle under construction!
Still no Macho Nacho Express truck.
  There are panda's at Panda Express.
Bugs Bunny Barnstormers is still awaiting reassembly. Walk on!
  Nice to see my initials!
The new waterfront area has four entrance gates.  
  The first animal you'll see on SORA is a... The trees by the Fort are getting too big.
This is from the days when the park use to have spotlights in the trees that aimed up in the air. Themed street entertainment.  Nice!