Saturday - August 20th, 2016

Between other commitments and the extreme heat, it has been several weeks since I visited the parks.  On our way there we ran into some heavy downpours (while it was sunny) and thunder and lightning in the area around the park put a hold on guests' fun especially in Hurricane Harbor where all attractions were temporarily evacuated.  Here are some pictures from both Hurricane Harbor and the theme park.

We knew parking in the last row would mean a crowded water park.   
    Everything was open but not for long!
The Paradise Pizza and Grill sign has returned.  
As always, the annual sand sculpture promoting the year's new attractions is impressive.
Dark skies begin to move into the area. The lazy river was evacuated... ...and the slide towers cleared.
  All the guests filed the walkways... ...and many opted to call it a day.
The Macho Nacho's Burritos truck has pulled in to Hurricane Harbor and was very popular.
A lot fewer people were left in the park.  
The theme park's ice cream wagon relocated.    
Look what's at the Main Street Emporium! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Gargoyles VR will soon invade the Skull.
A rare sight - an open Oasis Cafe! The Barnstormers must be in a holding pattern. Sinners!
    Previous site of that HH ice cream wagon.
New signs. El Diablo has a line!
  The Safari was still running at 6:45PM.  
There was a huge line for the Toby Mac concert.
A new sign for the 2017 attraction should appear in a little over a week.