Saturday - June 3rd, 2017

With Memorial Day weekend behind us the summer season at Great Adventure is ramping up.  Hurricane Harbor is now open with a few minor additions like new food stands that have replaced some temporary cart locations  and over at the theme park work on the Justice League Battle for Metropolis continues. 

Here are some photos from around the water and theme parks today.  Enjoy!

  Hurricane Harbor is open for season #18!  
  I would like a "T" Pat!  
  Cabana Cove's menu has been downsized as far as the number of entrees.  
The wave pool boat has received some new paint and TLC!  
    Plenty of tubes today.
New Dippin' Dots... ...and Coke stands!  
    A new drink counter is being added too.
  The shop has received a little makeover.  
Over at the theme park Justice League is starting to look much more stately with its "stone" facade.
  The former Blue Parrot restrooms were open.  The interior hasn't changed/  
    The Batmobile is gone, probably on some bat-assignment.
With the old catering gate on the ground, could these orange pieces be a new portal sign to Metropolis?
  The game ran out of tickets before this guy had redeemed all his winning points.  
    Sky Zooma is back with a new paint scheme.
    No waterfall today.
This new little photo stand was added next to the Buccaneer.  Check out how great this kiosk is themed, especially the sign.
VR is still available on Zumanjaro. Splash Water Oasis was open.  
They are using boxes to get in and out of the parachutes now. The bottle tossing game is gone. But a bowling/football combo game has been added.
There was a Crowder concert at the Northern Star Arena.  I didn't know who that was but it allowed me to check out the classic "Great Arena."  
The Runaway Train's trains look brand new! One of these things doesn't belong!  
  The building on the left (previously bright red) has been repainted to match the rest of the candy shop.