Thursday - July 27th, 2017

When you are use to going to the park on a regular basis it is odd to visit after being away for an extended period of time.  That was the case for me having not been to the park since early June way back during the pre-Justice League being open days.  Needless to say it was great being back in the mix of the fun and excitement of the water park, safari, and theme park.  Here are some photos from my long overdue trip.

New shade structure has been installed.    
  Harbor Barbeque has opened.  
This year's sand castle salutes the new Justice League and some true super heroes.
Plenty of new additional places to rest.  
When you are out on Safari your reminded of how huge Great Adventure truly is when compared to other parks.
  Historic trivia!  A+++ New track work has been completed on the Runaway Train.
The Log Flume was closed most likely caused by lift maintenance.     
Another highly themed photo booth has been added Frontier Adventures.  
  A removable change fence not outlines the former Great Lake Grandstand. The Round Up finally has a new sign!  Keep them coming!
The Studio 28 Arcade has received a new blue paint job - the first new color since it was introduced as the Skeeball Barn in 1978. 
Those are a lot of stairs to climb.     
I finally had a chance to ride Justice League Battle for Metropolis.  Congratulations to Great Adventure on a wonderful family attraction and for a topnotch  (and much overdue) first dark ride for the park.  Tons of fun!
  I'd ask the people who peel paint off the wall if they would do that in their own house but sadly I think they would.  Idiots.   
The whole Metropolis area looks refreshed and is once again open for business! 
Batman The Ride now offers video of the ride experience.  It is strange seeing the trains with lights at night. 
  Pretty close to the trains' original blue color.   
Congo Rapids has a new sponsor with lots of new signs and banners.   
New Welch's height sticks can now be found at several rides. 
Shark Week themed games!