Thursday - August 24th, 2017

It is hard to believe that summer is nearly over but with less than a couple of weeks to go it seemed like a great time to check out the water and theme parks.

Here are some photos of what's new at Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure.  Enjoy!

Barriers near the entrance to Harbor keep the front of the park auto-free.    
With the lazy river closed longer lines were found at the water slides.  
Hurricane Harbor is home to three Dippin' Dots stands.
According to the Six Flags App, King Cobra is closed for the season.  The boarded up entrance and exit is proof that is accurate.
This guy is missing a leg.  Shark attack?   Wish HH would stay open past dark so we can see if these lights actually work.
He is back!  
  Oh yes we need a little Christmas - right this very minute!
New control box on Swashbuckler. Very scenic area of GA. A hint for 2018 - one of four signs.
Skull Mountain's waterfall was flowing!  
It looks like the new terror trail, Aftermath, will be very different from its predecessor Wasteland.
    Another 2018 teaser sign is located by Autobahn.
Plenty of places to get Dippin' Dots at the theme park too -eight locations for your dippin needs.
A new Golden Kingdom sign is back. The final remains of the Aqua Spectacle Arena. It is good to see the Northern Star Arena name instead of the Plymouth one.
    In Roller Coaster Tycoon this would cause a fiery explosion!
Log Flume is back!  
2018 Teaser #3 in the Log Flume queue.   Splash Water Oasis closed in August?
The bamboo in the Golden Kingdom has grown in quite nicely in some areas.   Ordering kiosks have been added at several food outlets.  Not available to meal plan guests yet.
Game roulette!    
Raja's Rickshaws (aka Kiddie Scrambler) has been removed from the Safari Kids section of the park.
Turnstiles have been removed from the rarely used right-hand exit gates. As stated in the news, the Six Flags' six flags are now all American flags.