Friday - June 22nd, 2018

The summer season is here - schools are out, Hurricane Harbor's schedule has switched to daily operations, and warmer weather has arrived.  Enjoy these photos of both the water park and the theme park!

Hurricane Harbor has set aside an upfront portion of the parking lot for Diamond Members.  New park map racks can be found inside the main gates of the water park. Unlike the theme park, there aren't any membership skip the line offers at Harbor. 
  New benches made from recycled materials have been added. 
  The Macho Nacho food truck has been relocated towards the front of the park.   
A new walkway has been added from the Big Wave Racer slide to the Big Bamboo and Reef Runner family slides. 
  Nice landscaping!   
  Not so nice landscaping.  Former site of the Macho Nacho truck. 
King Cobra looks like it will be closed for some time. 
  Elite Membership reserved seating.  Cabana Cove's menu has been greatly reduced. 
  With schools wrapping up this should look much better real soon.   
Which is it?     
The Ale House is a much larger structure than the Liberty Pub it replaced. 
  A hidden classic stand! 
Cool sign!  Hopefully it will open soon.     
Some early maintenance on Cyborg Cyber Spin will help work the bugs out of this prototypical ride. 
    This backstage structure seems new. 
The Heist and King Pin are both gone.  SkyScreamer has reopened.  
  Two thumbs up to SFGA for showing the blue Dream Street tend some TLC! 
Some ice cream melted.     
  It is great to see and here the Log Flume test running. 
    A blue line stretches from the fountain to the Safari Off Road Adventre. 
The pathway through the Golden Kingdom has reopened!  It is not as glamorous as it once was but it sure is a great convenience. 
    Luckily this was empty! 
We need a new clock. 
The Old Country section is now officially in the history books with the removal of all the various shuttered stands and rides that once dotted its main pathway.   The walkway still remains and has been relandscaped providing a much better traffic flow for guests.
  More Cyborg pictures!   
Spruced up Catering entrance.   
    This is kind of strange.