Tuesday - June 4th, 2019

Before schools let out for the summer, I paid a visit to Great Adventure on this beautiful late-spring day.  While it was only open until 6PM, there was still a pretty good size crowd.  There seemed to be a lot of school groups even though there weren't may buses in the parking lot.  The park looks great with fresh paint, new landscaping, and a lot of updates all around the place.  Here are some photos from my visit.

  Superman's new paint really shines.
    Parachutes - A Six Flags Classic!
Coaster Candy is a fun shop!  Just wish it had a more sugary smell inside.
The pond, a GA original from 1974, is getting a new fountain feature.
  Nothing new at Safari Tours...  
...but there seems to be some new utility markings in the back section of LTSP.
As big as Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth is, the ride operates with very little noise.  Here is a ride cycle swing by swing.
Everything you need to know about WW.    
The area around Wonder Woman has been spruced up.
  Everything you need to know about Cyborg.  
    Funhouse Gifts has been removed from the Joker area.
There is nothing like a vintage Log Flume ride and ours looks great!
Three GA originals still going strong!    
You'd have to have REALLY long arms to use that upper handrail!
Look kids!  A shortcut to El Toro!    
There once was a Ka viewing area here. All the props have been removed from the roof of Tiger Leap Market. Did Fred and Wilma (below) have a Pebbles (above)?
Ticket sales for the park's up-charge rides have been relocated. Yoshi is in the lead!  
  So many options!