Wednesday - June 12th, 2019

Today was an historic day for Six Flags Great Adventure.  After years and years of planning, debating, revisions, and construction, Six Flags along with KDC Solar flipped "the switch" on its new 23.5 megawatt solar panel project.  In all, 59,856 solar panels were installed in four different locations including over portions of Hurricane Harbor's parking lot, the overflow parking lot, the employee parking lot, and the largest panel field located adjacent to the Safari park.  Almost enough energy (97%) will be generated to completely run the theme park.  Great Adventure held  a ceremony this morning with representatives from the design and construction teams of the project including KDC Solar and local unions, as well as state representatives from New Jersey and park president John Winkler.  The pride the speakers showed during their speeches was evident and rightfully so.

Here are some photos from the event, the solar panels, and some of the latest developments at Hurricane Harbor. 

KDC management and park president John Winkler (above center) address the audience.
Representatives of the State of New Jersey praise the park for its solar initiative.
Solar panels in Hurricane Harbor shade the parking lot.
    Photos are no longer offered at the Harbor.
  Most of the chaise lounges have been replaced by chairs.  
New umbrellas will be popular in the summer sun. The lazy river looks crystal clear with new bottom paint. The back portion of the park was closed off for construction during the weekday "Splash Day."
  Calypso Springs with its central water feature is under cosntruction.  
Calypso Grill will be a new permanent food outlet.    
The former Funhouse Gifts from the Joker coaster has been relocated to HH.  
  I spy with my eye the S.S.Feathersword from Wiggles World! And Harley riders!