Wednesday - August 7th, 2019
After moving to Orlando eight years ago, I've only been able to visit Great Adventure a few times, with most visits during Holiday in the Park and only a couple during the main season. We stopped at Six Flags Over Georgia on our way north to New Jersey to activate our passes, and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive changes that had been made there over previous visits. Our visit to Great Adventure also showed some real positives, along with a few negatives. With daily exposure to the theme parks of Orlando it was interesting to see some things that GA does better. It was interesting to see the park through "fresh eyes" when we used to go once a week while we lived in New Jersey.
-- GAcoaster

Having a proper meeting place for VIP tours was a great touch.
Tangled coasters Fresh paint on Superman looks good
I found this signage interesting, and Bugs really needs a trim   Looks like a slow day at the park
I keep seeing horror stories about the Security/Entrance situation at the park on the Facebook page, but I was impressed by the efficiency. They do better than the Walt Disney World Security team, and actually have the x-ray machines to speed up bag checks. The info about ride safety stops
is a great idea, too bad no one reads it...
I guess this is part of the partnership with Ocean County tourism bureau The pavement could really use a good cleaning or staining of the concrete or something Good to see cross promotion of the neighboring Six Flags parks
There's a decent array of park specific merchandise which is always good to see
  Rainbow are big right now...  
The Coaster Candy store looks good, but it's confusing still having a candy store facade across the street
Lot's of new benches, but it would be nice if they were a little more themed for Main Street
I was struck by the colorful signage everywhere. It would be better if it was less generic looking.
Great Adventure used to have the best signage, but so many of these look very computer created.
It seemed odd to have these queues on almost every stand.    
The Boardwalk looked better than it has in years, full of color and life.   There have almost always been car displays in the park, but not having signs makes it look more like someone just randomly parked in the middle of the park.

While Superman looks good, it would have been nice to see the signs repainted and the building as well.

The signage is just a little over the top here...  
Nice to see Fred & Wilma still at the park along with some other friends.

Golden Kingdom looks kind of sad with the theme elements really falling apart or missing.
    The leaching of the concrete really should get stained or painted.
All those great props that used to be on the roof are gone   Zumanjaro's entrance looks so temporary to me
Still not used to the view without Rolling Thunder Good to see the path open Just a shame that they haven't maintained the viewing windows
Nice to see the animals, but it would be better to have clear windows for it.
This was such a weird mix of hats-- religious, sexy, Jersey, coasters?  
Plaza del Carnaval looks good with the upgrades
    The bottle filler are a great idea
The sign looks good, but the coaster and surroundings need help Good to see all the ads gone I get it, but "Coasters for Cancer" still sounds wrong to me
Safari stuff feels so wrong in
the western themed area
The elephant has a splitting headache  

Best of the West still looks good


I know this is a "backstage" area, but it's visible from the BOTW balcony. how hard would it be to take the bag of trash away?

These speakers haven't been used for 20+ years. Why are they still hanging around in places in the park? How hard is it to remove them?
  These new(ish) themed buildings are simultaneously themed and generic and lack the character of the old park buildings It's been years since the hurricane washed this out, why is it still a mess?
Bugs Bunny National Park looks good, it's a shame the Safari Kids and Looney Tunes Seaport areas look so terrible. Maybe it's time to move those rides into the lake front area and just make one big kids section.
Good to see Buccaneer repainted Happy to see the fountain getting repaired rather than removed.  
This kids area really need updating or something.
  Hot day in August and one of the two water rides was closed...
I guess people couldn't find Cyborg?    
Gone but not forgotten?
  And then there was one...  
Wonder Woman looks like a great addition to the park, and it's only fitting that the only really successful movie from the DC Universe recently.

  Happy to see this was relocated  
The area between the recently added rides looks really good, and makes the rest of the park look more run down.
This looks like something
from a carnival midway.
New sign for Movie Town, but kind of surprising they didn't just make it all DC Universe instead.  
It was really sad to see that something as simple as replacing the globes on the light fixtures was neglected. Between bare bulbs and several lights being out, it just looked really bad.
Overall it was a nice (if short due to weather) visit, and there were some things that stood out as looking great, while some things were kind of sad/disappointing. The biggest issue that stood out to me this visit and several other recent visits was the pavement looks terrible in many places and was uneven and crumbling in so many area. Maybe it's time to remove some of the huge concrete areas no longer needed and replace the ones that are. A twisted ankle from crumbling/uneven pavement nearly ruined our visit.