Monday - August 26th, 2019

Today's beautiful weather of lower temps and reduced humidity provided for a refreshing visit to Hurricane Harbor.  Crowds were relatively light which increased the quality time of water park-goers.  All the rides and attractions were fully operational although some of the smaller food outlets were closed. 

Enjoy these photos of Hurricane Harbor including the new Calypso Springs pool and surrounding area.

Reserved parking is up close to the front gate on the right side of the entranceway.     
  Everything was open! Plenty of tubes were available!
    Paradise Pizza & Grill now has a much less elaborate sign - hopefully temporary.
This year's sandcastle features both Calypso Springs and Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.
  The new Calypso Springs stands out.  
Recycle-Sign.  Blue Lagoon sign for the Big Bambu and Reef Runner family slides.    
The sign shop does some incredible creative work when they are given the proper budget.  Maybe next year.     
  Reserved Membership seating.  
The new landscaping freshens up the area. Here is the new Calypso Grill food stand.
  The obelisk fountain was not running.  
This stand use to be Joker's Funhouse Gifts.    
  Plenty of new seating options available including hundreds and hundreds of new beach chairs.