Friday - July 31st, 2020

Today seemed like old times (aside from all the COVID-related stuff).  For the first time since 2012, my visit to Six Flags included three gated parks - Hurricane Harbor, Wild Safari, and the Great Adventure theme park.  As much as I enjoy the Safari Off-Road Adventure, it is kind of cool to once again claim that we are the only location in the Six Flags collection to have three parks.

My visits today were all very enjoyable and I felt very safe at all the parks.  Once again, it is very evident that Great Adventure's team - from management to snack stand attendants, are doing the right things to make everyone's visit safe. 

Enjoy these photos from Great Adventure's trifecta of fun!

  First up - Hurricane Harbor!  
Just like the theme park, Hurricane Harbor has new touch less temperature and security scanning.  Very efficient!
Discovery Kingdom and the Four Winds slide complex are closed this season but most of everything else was open including the entire lazy river.
Part of Paradise Pizza & Grill has been blocked off for an employee dining area.  
  Tubes are wiped down after each use.  
  Calypso Springs has a new sound system.  
Access points to the wave pool and activity pool have been reduced. Chaise lounges are out replaced by a limited number of Adirondack chairs.
  Flash Pass was not avaible. Captain Jack dates back to Adventure Rivers!
On to the Safari!  
Back opening day in May there weren't many animals in the American Plains section.  There are lots now!
  Informational signs have been added all along the Safari route.  
    A fence now blocks the lion pen.
A sign in the black bear section warns of the park's biggest elevation change. I guess people wanted to use this spot-a-pot!
Access to the restrooms in the old Safari Exploration Station have opened.   Most of the area is now used as a maintenance depot for the Safari Off-Road Adventure trucks.  A small gift stand has also been added in the parking lot.
  Onto the Theme Park! Bugs is out - flags are in.
Six Flags Universe has replaced the Looney Tunes Shoppe which opened in 1994.  
Like so many merchandise establishments today, the store offers a simpler, more sterile shopping experience.
A new ramp is part of the redesign.    
The expanded Johnny Rockets is coming along.
  The original bronze Carousel plaque with rainbow logo has returned to the ride.  It, along with a painted Six Flags logo, have been added to the rather plain white panels found at the center of the ride.
Antique Photos, a longtime fixture at the park had been replaced with the relocated Wicked Brew bar.  
Remember when people went to concerts?    
  Social distancing on El Toro.  
I hope these vines don't rot the Fort's siding.  Meanwhile, what has got into (or escaped from) the old cannon opening.  
  New parachute lighting!  
New food option!   With his head removed, I think it is safe to say any reference to Taz is out.
Fingers crossed for Holiday in the Park!