Wednesday - June 2nd, 2021

After two rainy days and a jammed packed Memorial Day at the park, the bright sunshine today was an invitation to visit Great Adventure for an early summer weekday trip when crowds usually aren't that unmanageable.  Although Hurricane Harbor was closed, both the Safari and Theme Park offered plenty of fun including a chance to experience the new Dino Xpedition both by car and by foot.  Enjoy the photos!

    The Safari Entrance Plaza is once again being used!
  Concrete work is being done in the Safari. New trees have been planted.
  After the tiger pens, a left turn takes you into Dino Xpedition.  
Over 30 dinosaurs are positioned along the roads used to take guests from the Theme Park to the Safari when the Safari Off Road Adventure is open.
  The heavily wooded area is a great setting for the dinosaurs.
    Back out to the Safari!
The redone Johnny Rockets offers a much better counter layout.    
    The GA hot air balloon decals have been placed on the new Deja Vu cars.
  Oasis Snacks has a new sign  
  El Diablo has been repurposed.  
  The new area is really coming together.  
One of the Safari Kids portal signs has been removed. New survey markers can be found throughout Safari Kids.
Look at this little devil!  
    An old lighting panel from the Jump ride can be found at Gotham City Gifts.
The old Xploratorium equipment has been removed. Cyborg's lockers are also gone.
    The water fountains have reopened.
  Houdini has reopened after being closed last year.  
  Xpedition Dino can be explored by foot after the Safari has closed.
  At $5, the dino attraction is a bargain!  
Best of the West has also reopened. The Log Flume is back in 2021 complete with a refreshed sign!