Thursday - June 10th, 2021

Nothing is more exciting than being able to explore a new section of Great Adventure and today's media day for the Jersey Devil Coaster afforded just such an opportunity.  Delayed because of Covid-19 for a year, the park's new Pine Barrens section truly revitalized what had become a rather dull and faded Looney Tunes Seaport after twenty seasons of service.

The Jersey Devil Coaster is really an impressive site and while topping out at only 13 stories, the ride seems much taller as it towers over the mature trees in the new section.  While the station is rather simple, the two new wooden queue houses are impressive and really help carry the forest theme.  To get a better feel for the area, check out the photos below.  Unfortunately, the new coaster was down during my time at the event, but this gave me a great opportunity to take in the area and capture this new section of the park.

  After being closed since 2006, the old pathway to Koala Canyon has been updated and leads to the Jersey Devil Coaster.
  He's back!  The El Diablo devil is now prominently on display outside of JDC.
Two queue houses will accommodate the line for Jersey Devil Coaster.  The first one is the larger of the two and features informative folklore displays.
The second queue house (below and right) is situated behind the restrooms.
  The old Congo Rapids observation desk stands deserted behind the queue house walls.  
The two landscaping beds which use to be home to Michigan J. Frog's Fun Flotilla and Yosemite Sam's Flight School are all that remains of Looney Tunes Seaport.  
Just next to the Jersey Devil Coaster area land clearing has begun on the site of the old cars ride.  If only the little kids had a pint-sized JDC of their own!