Wednesday - August 4th, 2021

Even though today was a little overcast, it didn't cast shade on the fun of visiting Six Flags Great Adventure's three gated parks and the Xpedition Dino Drive-Thru. 

Enjoy these photos of what's new at the parks!

New traffic pattern!  Now the water park and safari have separate turnoffs.
The original safari entrance plaza is once again being used!   
The lion pathway used by the SORA trucks is now locked off.     
Xpedition Dino is a great enhancement to the safari and a bargain at only $5. 
  The safari also has a new exit through the main toll plaza. 
A new kiosk to convert cash to card has been added to the entrance to Hurricane Harbor.    I wonder how many times they actually used these lazy river lights in HH. 
Coming soon - COVID vaccines.     
  Holiday in the Park lights are back on the trees but not on the buildings.   
A lot of new paint all around the Safari Kids area. 
Lil' Devil Coaster looks great and the flashy colors will bring new life to this area. 
JDC is temporarily closed but a new test seat has been added.     
A terror trail tease is open prior to Fright Fest.   
The cheetahs have expanded living quarters.     
Work continues on El Toro's rails.  The Rolling Thunder track segment has been taken over by vegetation - Life After People! 
Looks like low-tide!  Log Flume is back! 
  Two train models are now available at SFGA!