Tuesday - August 17th, 2021

Time again for another summertime visit to Great Adventure - this time just a quick trip to the theme park.  It may be mid-August but the park has already begun to decorate for Halloween with the huge Pumpkin King statue being installed between the security check and ticket booths.  Further into the park, Christmas lights are once again being wrapped around park's tall trees, but no sign yet of lights outlining the buildings.

Enjoy these photos from around the park!

The priority parking lot has been reconfigured.  Instead of a huge square extending from the main gate to the perimeter of Green Lantern, now the lot is only about half as wide but extra long making use of the majority of spots along the catering area's fence.
  Getting a COVID shot is easy as G.A.!  
Wonder Woman was closed with a crane stationed nearby.
The trees in front of The Dark Knight Coaster have really grown in.
  Jr.Thrillseekers sign is on only one of the area's entrance portal.  
  JDC is still closed as per RMC's request.
  The restroom banners are back all around the park!
The Buccaneer is closed and not just at GA.  The ride has also been closed at the chain's other Six Flags Parks.    
Old style walkway light... ...the new version... ...all along the Lakefront.
Old style wall... ...the new version... ...all along the Lakefront.
  The new fencing looks nice.
I wouldn't want this job!   All that remains from the Ultra Twister days circa 1986.
Kingda Ka is open. El Toro sadly is not.  
This needs some help!    
  Halloween time! Christmas time!