Sunday - June 5th, 2022

Today's weather was a ten and allowed for a visit to Hurricane Harbor without feeling like you were stuck in an oven.  While no substantial additions were made to the water park this year, there have been several updates here and there. 

Enjoy these photos from Hurricane Harbor!

Now that G.A.'s neighbor on Rt. 537 has been razed all the land up to Hurricane Harbor's border has now been leveled. The park's new highway sign should be arriving this summer. It is nice to see that the corkscrew with sails on the right side of the entrance gate still rotates.
A new entrance pavilion, similar to the new one at the theme park, is under construction. For the first time in years the ticket booths aren't plastered with ads and banners.
The sign that shows which attractions are open or closed has been replaced.    
All the attractions were open except for The Falls body slides. King KukooKaChoo is hard to find amongst the overgrown brush.
For the first time the park is not offering paper maps to guests so there are now several large maps posted around the park.
Island Traders has been reconfigured with fewer entrances and exits and checkout counters near the doorways.
A new bar has been added by the Blue Lagoon wave pool just next to the Premium Rental Area.
The wave pool's theming has seen better days.  It would be wonderful if it was replaced and not simply removed. The Cabana Cove Rental Area has been expanded now taking up the entire rightside of the Blue Lagoon wave pool.
The food stand near the wave pool is now Cabana Cove Rentals. Nearby, the Blue Lagoon Cafe has been repainted.  
The huge tipping bucket atop the Discovery Cove children's area has been removed, hopefully just temporarily. It was nice to see the lazy rivers' leaking wall return.
  The last of the park's original Bada Bing props has been removed - the Bada Bing Batteries. The Flash Pass stand has yet to open for the season.