Tuesday - June 22nd, 2022

Before the large crowds of vacationing families and out-of-school kids begin to invade G.A., I figured I would pay a visit to see what has been going on at the park.  Today's explorations included both the theme park and safari park.  While progress on the various projects inch along, it is nice to see a lot of the landscaping growing in with vibrant color being supplied by new floral blooms.

Here are some photos from around the parks!

Hurricane Harbor is now open daily.   The new security checkpoint makes the entrance to the park seem more formal.
The new fountain pavilion replaced the classic Liberty Square gazebo.
    Buccaneer has been closed on my last several visits.
The old remote boats game is now a relaxing fountain!
A bunny guards what is probably the last piece of the old Moon Flume!   The Barnstormer is still just a footer.
    This is now the size of a large soft drink.  Disappointing.
A temporary AC unit is cooling Fat Burger.  
Big Wheel Remotes have been removed. A new monitor is being installed in Movie Town (for several weeks now!).  
Batman The Ride's new color scheme is very Halloweenish!  
Batman's queue is huge.  And this is just the front portion.  
New decals needed. Looks like Twister got some.
Cool cats!  
At the start of the season this shop was called Memberabilia but Members are so yesterday now! The Dippin' Dots stand is getting some TLC.  
New boat!
    Old docks!
  Bizarro has been dethroned.
  Here is a complete set of the storyline signs.  
  Too bad it appears this sign also applies to the performers.
Not too many of this type of sign left in the park. Granny's retro photos are now in Sweet Cakes & Cones.
Zero Flags!    
  New trees have been planted in multiple locations throughout the Safari.  Nice!
The only way to travel!