Wednesday - August 17th, 2022

Beautiful weather and an opportunity to experience the Giraffe Encounters up-charge brought me to the park today.  While workers wrapped up removing what remained of the Summer Vibes Festival, it won't be long before we start to see Fright Fest decorations.  Enjoy the photos!

  The new highway sign is much more colorful than the '90's blue banner version.  
  Some Summer Vibes attractions can still be found about the park, at least in part.  
No giant nutcrackers yet, but we have Holiday in the Park lights!    
  The Big Wheel was closed.  
Exit through the gift shop. As Charlie Brown would say, we got a rock.
Many of the Forgotten Garden cars were removed but several still remained.
Holiday in the Park starts later this season.    
The climbing wall has been closed for several years. The light fixture on the left just doesn't have the same attention to detail as the one from 2005.  
The Giraffe Encounters was a wonderful attraction.  Although an abbreviated route from the days of the Safari Off-Road Adventure, it did include the opportunity to feed the giraffes at Camp Adventura.  The entire Encounters crew was outstanding providing a very entertaining and educational experience.  They couldn't be more pleasant!
Soaring Eagle zip line has been removed from Camp Adventura.
Balin's Jungleland  props!    
  These three fiberglass animals found around Camp Adventure were originally obstacles on the park's 1979 Chip Shot Miniature Golf course.
The Siberian tiger cubs were adorable and their mom was quite protective of them.