Saturday - September 3rd, 2022

Labor Day Weekend - the unofficial end to summer and what a beautiful day to visit not one, not two, but all three Six Flags Great Adventure parks!  As seems to be the ongoing story this season, the parks were not very crowded for a holiday weekend.  Hurricane Harbor seemed a little busy, but that was partially due to several attractions being closed including the lazy river.  This time a year always seems to be an issue with having enough life guards to staff the attractions.  Even so, guests seemed to be enjoying themselves not only at Hurricane Harbor but at all three parks.  Enjoy the photos!

    Flashpass seems to have been eliminated this season.
The big tipping bucket didn't make it back into the park this season but works seems to be taking place on the attraction.  
Hooray for the only Six Flags with three gated parks!    
  Fright Fest prep has begun.  
    This summer's airline troubles has extended to the Barnstormer.  Flight cancelled?
It looks like the Big Wheel has motor issues.  It has been closed for about a month.
The new Coke flavor has a Haribo Gummi Bears taste.    
    Big Top Terror is in previews.
Refill Station! El Toro and the rest of Plaza del Carnaval are closed.
This backstage area has remained untouched since GA opened.  To think the whole park once had this many trees.    
The Safari ticket booths look great!    
The new water tower is being painted.    
    The last of the old lockout gates still stands.