Saturday - February 23rd, 2013

Today was the second annual Winter Adventure - an off-season ACE event held at Six Flags Great Adventure.  Many thanks to the ACE and Great Adventure organizers for a wonderful afternoon (and evening!).  Our adventure also took us backstage to see Houdini's Great Escape and Skull Mountain from a behind the scenes perspective.   Here are some photos from the "on-stage" portions of a rainy but fun winter park tour.

  Ben & Jerry's signs are gone!  
    Even though the Northern Star Arena sign is missing, there are no plans for a name change.
The Conestoga Wagon has been removed and the future loading/unloading station site for the Safari Off Road Adventure has been cleared.
  The Western Shootout building has also been removed.
  SkyScreamer has finally received its lighting package.  It was purchased last season but the park did not want to take the ride down once it opened to install the lights.  You can see a video of the lighting by clicking HERE.
  The ride lockers have been removed and will most likely be replaced with new ones from another vendor.  
The safari tour guide has his own jump seat. Guest seats have seatbelts. Here is a view of the driver's cab.