Saturday - December 12th, 2015

Who would have ever thought that a visit to Great Adventure, with less than two weeks until Christmas, with temperatures approaching 70 degrees would be possible?  Well, today that happened and the crowds were on hand to prove it.  Guests poured into the park, many in t-shirts and shorts, making the Holiday in the Park's winter wonderland look more like a spring breakout event.  A few more ticks on the thermometer and a Holiday in the Water Park event wouldn't be out of the question!  Enjoy some observations from around Great Adventure in the photos below.

It's really warm... start up the pumps!   Too warm for the real snow!
Total Mayhem work continues during these moderate temperatures.
  The Big Wheel is back!
The Safari Kids section received a great new set of signs for the area's rides.  Really nice!
  New fire pits have been added near Twister.  
As the sun began to set the crowds grew larger.
    Even after 6pm tons of people were waiting to get in the park!