Friday - December 18th, 2015

As an extra Holiday in the Park bonus, Six Flags Great Adventure recently added today to its operating calendar offering guests the opportunity to visit from 4PM to 9PM on a Friday evening.  Turnout was very light- probably a combination of much colder temperatures, guests involved with last minute Christmas preparations, and the disadvantage of not having this date listed as open on its printed media from earlier in the season.

In any case, it was refreshing to visit with weather that was a little more appropriate for a winter festival.  It added a themed element that only mother nature could provide. 

Here are some photos from around the park tonight during what will be my last pre-Christmas visit.  Luckily there will still be a handful of opportunities before the end of the season on January 3rd to plan more trips.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Either this is just the lid of a garbage can or the parking lot potholes are getting deeper!  
The recent warm temperatures allowed for the first concrete footers of Total Mayhem to be poured.
High-power LEDs illuminate the Big Wheel.    
    Seems like this would have been a nice tree for lights!
  The Stagecoach horses have escaped!