Thursday - December 31st, 2015

Happy New Year!  

It was sort of hard to believe I was in the park on New Years Eve today.  After decades of having the season wrap up around Halloween time, being able to visit Great Adventure on the last day of the year was truly a treat.

Even though Christmas was last week, the holiday spirit was still thriving at the park and today's festivities were made even better with a cute New Year's Eve countdown using the jumbotron to mark the remaining seconds until the "New Year". 

Hope you enjoy these photos from our New Year's Eve visit!

The piece of Blackbeard's missing track section is sitting behind the ride. This is how all those trees in the middle of nowhere get their electricity.
Santa has gone back to the North Pole but a new entertainment duo have been added.
    The park emptied when the temps dipped.
The New Year's Eve celebration is on!
If you position your camera properly, the Six Flags globe atop SkyScreamer makes an excellent tree topper! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NYE COUNTDOWN VIDEO! The Jingle Jammers, Jack Frost, and the rest of the HITP performers joined in the party.