Friday - November 25th, 2016

Ho Ho Ho!  It's Holiday in the Park season at Six Flags Great Adventure!  I know, technically I am about a week late but I was traveling so this was my first opportunity to visit the park in all its Christmas glory - a feast for those who love the holiday season!

In my book, when two of my favorite things are combined, it is like heaven.  It makes the math easy:
Christmas + Great Adventure = Fun x 3

Here are some photos from around the park today which will hopefully illustrate what I am talking about!

Season's Greetings!

    A new canvas cover makes an impressive tree skirt. 
Santa greets riders who challenge the Joker.     
The new Merry Market Place is reminiscent of an old time Christmas Market nestled amongst the tall trees near Yum Yum Cafe. 
This year ALL the columns of the Yum Yum Cafe have been adorned with garland.     
  Cool Christmas themed prizes are available throughout the park. 
  All of the passages in the games area are open this year.  The tree which was located in the North Pole section last year has been relocated next to the Twister ride. 
New Six Flags ornaments!     
Earth moving and soil grading is underway at the Justice League dark ride site. 
The Bugs Bunny Railroad (or Jungeland Express) train is now in the park for photo opportunities!   
Freshly repainted scenic animal signs can be found around the Safari Tours track. 
Bugs Bunny Seaport Barnstormer has reopened!   
  Round trip Sky Rides - an "E" ticket experience!  
  Turning around at the decorated Fort! 
  The Joker should be illuminated like this year-round.   
    The Scarecrow is gone! 
Trouble in Toyland is a fun holiday show and judging by the size of the audience very popular.
The bulbs on the Parachutes this year have been rearranged to give the huge tree a multi-color effect from top to bottom.  Last year the colors were grouped together.