Saturday - December 10th, 2016

Today was a record setting day at Great Adventure and across the Six Flags family of parks!  Several hundred people gathered in front of the Big Wheel tonight to break the world's record for the number of couples kissing under the mistletoe!  While this trip report is short on photos of the actual event, my buddy and I had the pleasure of assisting in recording its attendance and handing out the ever so important mistletoe sprigs.  Congratulations to the park on blowing away the old record and to all the couples who helped make the event a success!

On with some random pictures from around the park today...

A Runaway Train is being stored in the picnic pavillion!
Heaters!  Don't need those in July!    
A deluxe fire pit has been added.
The mistletoe event area had to be expanded to accommodate the great turnout. Justice League site from the air.  
  Bugs Bunny National Park is being packed up for the winter.
The Coca-Cola Polar Bear had moving eyes and mouth - really COOL!  (See what I did there!) This is a great story from out unique Safari.
The Autobahn sign has been removed since last year.  
  Justice League ride site update.