Saturday - December 31st, 2016

Happy New Year!

Sadly, we are approaching the end of Holiday in the Park for this season.  Even so, Great Adventure sure showed us how to say goodbye to 2016 with a beautiful fireworks display that left many guests excited about the year to come.  With two new launching locations, the park used the areas to the left and right of the main entrance plaza to put on a dazzling show which incorporated their high-tech Main Street Christmas Tree as its centerpiece.  Unlike last year's simple countdown to the new year on the Jumbotron, this year featured a gathering of all of Holiday in the Park's show characters and streetmosphere crew, the wonderful lights on all the buildings and trees, and an action packed fireworks show that rivaled the finale of other pyrotechnic presentations.

Here is to a wonderful 2017 and to hoping that the park's New Year's Eve fireworks are part of a holiday tradition for years to come!

Best parking award for 2016!  Thousands and thousands of birds!  Canyon Blaster cars are next to Superman.
The Justice League's gravel base has been spread meaning the concrete floor and going vertical can't be too far behind. 
Cell Block 6 has been sealed up. 
  Superhero themed trees decorate the Justice League store. 
  Rolling Thunder car has a Santa backdrop.   
Guests start to gather for the 9PM New Years countdown. 
Happy New Year!  
    Exiting park traffic in December!  Woohoo!