Thursday - November 8, 2018

Today was one of three "Bonus Days" at Six Flags Great Adventure which saw the park open to take advantage of New Jersey school holidays this week.  Election Day was a washout and tomorrow looks like there is rain in the forecast too.  This resulted in a pretty sizeable crowd today at the park especially when you consider it was a Thursday in November.

The park is busy transitioning from Fright Fest to Holiday in the Park which begins on November 17th.  Hats off to Great Adventure for not only opening the park on these non-peak days but for also having practically every ride open (less water rides and the Safari) for their guests.

Here are some photos of a beautiful day at Great Adventure!

King Cobra has slithered out.    
  It's Christmas time on Main Street.  
    Joy to the World has been relocated.
Panda Express is gone.
  Haul out the holly!
Here is the future site of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.
That is one skinny tree!    
Water gun game is gone. New decor replaces the original Joy to the World area.
With the new holiday mirror maze this season, Santa's Barn has moved to the stand next door.
  El Diablo's fire has gone out.  Note the flames have been removed from outside of the loop.
    Games getting ready for HITP.
It appears that some utility work is being performed near the auxiliary parking lots.