Sunday - November 22nd, 2020

Tis the season for holiday fun Six Flags Great Adventure style!  Several years back it would have been out of the question to have imagined having our parks open so late in the year.  Not only have we become accustom to riding coasters until New Years (this year till Jan 3rd) but with the reopening of the Wild Safari drive-thru we can now enjoy the animal park until Sunday, November 29th. 

Here are some photos from a visit to both the Safari and Theme Park.

Wires now separates the black bears from the roadway.    
  Just like house cats!  
    Super Teepee topper!
These candy twists go perfect with the Yum Yum Cafe.    
The holiday prizes really carry the HITP theme. Jack Frost looking cool!
  This was the first time this year I saw the basketball game open.  
A whole menagerie of illuminated animals have taken up residence in Bugs Bunny National Park aka Wild Lights National Park.
Merry Marketplace is a great place to relax among the lights.
Every sixth car from the Big Wheel has been removed.    
Santa moved to Jolly Jamboree where he can practice social distancing.    
Oh dear!  No deer!
Spotlights illuminate Skull Mountain.    
Rita's Italian Ice is now a Smoke Haus.
  Wonder Woman has an overflow queue.
  Cyborg was lit up but not open.  
  Santa's new home!
The canopy of red lights in Jolly Jamboree were once draped on the sides of Skull Mountain.
    Johnny Rockets is spacious inside.