Thursday - January 7th, 2021

In my opinion, one of the most disappointing things is seeing the removal of Christmas lights right after the holidays.  I always have felt that people should leave them up longer especially during the extra dark month of January when the sun goes down before 5pm.  Luckily, Great Adventure has extended their Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience event so that people who wish to marvel at their winter wonderland from the comfort of their heated car can do so, at least until January 17th.

I had an opportunity to revisit the holiday drive-thru tonight and was happy to see a steady, albeit lighter, stream of cars making the winter journey.  Regardless, not bad for a Thursday night in January.  Here are some photos of the park tonight.

With an early reservation, you can arrive just around sunset.
Just a little real snow remains. Santa's helper wishes a Happy New Year!
Animals from Wild Lights National Park have been relocated around the drive-thru.    
  The Studio 28 Arcade is getting some roof and wood replacement.
  A new smaller info cube has been added next to the Main Street Market store.  
    With Christmas in the rearview mirror, Santa sports some new summer attire on the beach!