Friday - January 7th, 2022

Mother nature waited until the new year for her first significant snow storms and with Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience still welcoming guests the snow provided a great backdrop to view the park's Christmas lights.  The updated route this year had cars entering into the Golden Kingdom just next to Kingda Ka and meandering through a section of the park that was exclusive to the drive-thru.  Criss-crossing back and forth through the theme park and even venturing next to the inside of the front gate (an expansion of the trail not included on the guide map) our travels ended outside the park's front entrance.  It is here that the adventure continued with the opportunity to visit the Merry Marketplace located in the catering area.  Even though the temperature was only around 25 degrees, the lights and fire pits added warmth to the festivities.

Here are some photo of our journey!