Saturday - December 10th, 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year and Great Adventure's Holiday in the Park continues to be a terrific place to spread that holiday spirit.  Now in its eighth season, the park once again has mixed some new offerings with some long running traditions creating a warm and welcoming way for guests to celebrate.

Enjoy the photos of this daytime visit to Holiday in the Park!

  A food drive offered a free seasonal drink voucher in exchange for canned goods.  
  Members were given a special Holiday in the Park 2022 pin.  
Santa Claus' new home is now in the old Hocus Pocus gift shop.
The Holiday Market (formerly Merry Market Place) is now located next to the park's huge Christmas tree.
  The Christmas tree formerly in the Main Street Gazebo is now inside Granny's restaurant.
The Barnstormer still hasn't flown into town.  
This is the last remains of Adventure Rivers!    
    Joy to the World seems to be in a new location each season.
The Christmas Tree Maze is new for 2022.  
The Jolly Light Show is performed alongside the lake.
The illuminated animal collection is now next to the Yum Yum Cafe.  Last year they were in Wild Lights National Park (Bugs Bunny National Park) which is closed this year.
  Another new maze!  
  Flickering flame bulbs have been installed in the antique lamp posts between the Carousel and Big Wheel - a great attention to detail!