Koi Pond

Koi ponds have been part of many parks around the world, offering a peaceful and serene attraction where guests could watch the large, colorful fish.

In the far corner of the Garden of Marvels was the Koi Pond which was the largest of the waterways in the garden. The most striking feature of the Koi Pond was the colorful zigzag bridge crossing its center.

The bridge and the railing surrounding the Koi Pond were originally painted a bright red color, reflecting the Asian origins of the Koi fish.

With the removal of the original Garden of Marvels structures and conversion of the area into a miniature golf course, the bridge was repainted a dark green color.

After the Garden of Marvels area was razed to build the Shockwave roller coaster in 1990, the Koi Pond was one of the only elements to remain, though no longer stocked with koi and without the zigzag bridge across the center. The area around the Koi Pond was used as an exit for the ride as well as a viewing area for the roller coaster.

After the Shockwave was removed in 1992, the Koi Pond remained through 1996 when the coaster's queue house and the pond were removed for 1997's new Dare Devil Dive ride.