Magic shops have been popular in theme parks since Disneyland opened in 1955, and for some time theme parks around the country all had their own. Over time the popularity of these stores faded and most have closed and disappeared.


Hocus Pocus was a unique shop selling magic tricks, masks, and novelties. The selection was reminiscent of the items found advertised in the back pages of kids magazines, as well as the popular Spencer's chain of shops found in just about every shopping mall. The shop was always packed with kids playing with the fake vomit and the fake mustard squirting bottles.
Around the top of the shop was a gallery of latex masks which at the time could only be found at Halloween in most places, and went for a hefty price. The masks were available for sale and displaying them up high meant they didn't suffer the wear and tear of kids just trying them on all day.
The unique little octagonal building was small but was filled to the ceiling with fun merchandise. As times changed so did the selection with fewer and fewer magic items and more focus on toys and novelties. In 1993, the shop's name changed to the Magic Forest Hobby Shop when it was retooled with a new selection of merchandise which aligned better with the newly rethemed Old Country section of the park.
Hocus Pocus Shop Names

1980-1992  Hocus Pocus Magic Shop
1993-1996  Magic Forest Hobby Shop
1997-2000  Animation Creation
2001  Thrill Seeker Ride Gear
2002-2003  Animation Creation
2004 Photorium
2005-2007  Animation Creation
2008  Signs of the Times
2009 Cabana Rentals
2010 - Present  Security/Ride Information Center
Over time the merchandise sold in the store changed completely, and later it turned into the rental point for the adjoining Cabana Cove.

In more recent seasons, the building became a security station where height checks were conducted and medical exit passes issued.
Even though all the fun tricks and scary masks of the Hocus Pocus Magic Shop are long gone, this quaint little building is almost as busy today as it was when it first opened in the 1980's.