Something that has become a theme park cliché over time is that rides generally "exit through the gift shop" where riders are tempted by the souvenirs of the attraction they just experienced.  Whether its a t-shirt boasting that they braved the ride or a trinket emblazoned with the ride's logo for their loved ones, these gift shops
offer a wide array of merchandise conveniently placed right at the ride exit.

With the addition of Batman & Robin: The Chiller to the Movie Town area of Six Flags Great Adventure, the Iceworks gift shop was built right at the ride's exit. The gift shop was given theme elements to match the Mr. Freeze frozen look of the Chiller roller coaster. The building was quite simple with its corrugated metal siding and stock windows, glass block and roll down doors.
The interior of the shop was outfitted simply with white slatwall creating flexible display and sales space. The vaulted ceiling featured windows that let in natural light during the day, and track lighting for after dark. The top of the sales displays was ringed with icicles as part of the frozen theme. 

The shop was originally designed to sell Chiller souvenirs, but with Chiller's frequent closures it became kind of a catch all store often featuring discounted merchandise that was being phased out or just not selling very well. The store soon took on a second name, Ten Below, featuring merchandise marked down to less than $10.
With the closure and removal of the Chiller, and the eventual closure of the Old Country area of the park the store was closed and left unused with the exception of Fright Fest. For several seasons of Fright Fest events the store was used as a ticket sales center due to its proximity to the terror trail areas.