The Jolly Roger is a Zamperla Regatta ride with a unique skeleton theme for the cars.   Regatta rides are available with many different theme options, including pirate ships and jungle themes.   Premier Parks (owners of Six Flags) had actually purchased the prototype of the Regatta ride which was installed in their Vallejo, California park, and has a jungle theme, with a giant gorilla head at the ride center.

  Added to the park for the 1999 season as part of the "War on Lines", the Jolly Roger took over an area that had formerly been part of the queue area for Skull Mountain.

This standard park-model Zamperla Regatta ride was designed with a pirate theme to make it fit with the adjoining rides which were also vaguely pirate themed, including Skull Mountain and the Buccaneer.    Other rides added in the same area of the park as part of the "War On Lines" were also pirate or nautical themed, giving further definition to an area of the park that never had much thematic coherence. 

In the spring of 1999, the ride was still under construction as the park opened for the season.   The main structure of the ride was nearly complete, with the central skull figure and the additional themed elements including the queue line fences and ride operator booth yet to be added.

Technical Information



Ride Model:

Regatta - park Model

Number of Cars:


Seat Capacity:

2 people

Number of Guests per Cycle:


Ride Duration:

2.5 minutes

Approximate Capacity:

Approximately 800 guests per hour

Direction of Travel:


Rotations per Minute:


Safety Restraints:

Single lap bar per car with seatbelts

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Jolly Roger
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Over the years since the Jolly Roger opened, much of the time it remained closed due to short staffing.   Since many of the other rides added as part of the "War on Lines" have been removed, the Jolly Roger has spent a lot more time open and running.

The ride was added to increase the park's overall ride capacity and offer more "family" attractions which parents and children could ride together.   The Jolly Roger's simple motion of rolling along the undulating track creates a fast and exciting ride which offers a mild thrill.

The theme elements chosen for the Jolly Roger are one of several theme package options available for the Zamperla Regatta ride, and is one of the more unique looking rides with the bony hands cradling the cars.   A variation of the ride cars offered is a Pirate Ship design which was used for the neighboring Pirate's Flight ride, which was also manufactured by Zamperla.

Though many of the park's other flat rides have been removed, the Jolly Roger has remained.