Sylvester Pounce and Bounce at Six Flags Great Adventure


Added in 1999 as part of the "War on Lines", the Sylvester Pounce and Bounce is a standard model Zamperla "Jumpin' Star" ride.

Re-themed and renamed as part of the creation of Wiggle's World for the 2007 season, the ride is now known as Bouncin' with Wags.
Sylvester Pounce and Bounce

Added as part of the park's 1999 "War on Lines" the Sylvester Pounce & Bounce is a Zamperla ride.
Bouncin' with Wags
For the 2007 season, the Bounce ride was given a new look and name as it became part of the Wiggle's World area.

Bouncing with Wags took on the look of a tree, with a happy looking Wags the Dog taking Sylvester's place on top of the ride car, along with fresh and colorful coat of paint for the surrounding ride areas.
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with Wags

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