Taz's Seaport Trucking Company at Six Flags Great Adventure 

Added in 1999 as part of the "War on Lines", the Taz's Seaport Trucking Co. was a standard model Zamperla "Convoy" ride featuring 4x4 style truck bodies.

Re-themed and renamed as part of the creation of Wiggle's World for the 2007 season, the trucks were replaced with cars and are now known as the Big Red Car Ride.

Taz's Seaport Trucking Co.
As one of the new rides added in 1999 as part of the park's "War on Lines" and as part of the Looney Tunes Seaport children's area, Taz's Seaport Trucking Co. offered a "Monster Truck" ride for kids which parents could ride as well.

The ride was not quite ready for opening day of the 1999 season, with the truck still sitting in the employee parking area as the site preparation work continued. 

The ride itself was nicely detailed, with a station building that had irregular lines, and nice theme elements.  

The building interior even featured custom designed cargo theme benches along the wall where parents could sit and wait for their little drivers.
To continue the Seaport theme, the course of the ride included theme elements like a tugboat that the trucks drove through (which was removed after a couple of seasons), and a sunken sailboat, as well as landscaping and backdrops along the way.
Over the years, the colors faded and the ride began to look run down, until it received a facelift for the 2007 season as part of its inclusion in the new Wiggle's World area.

The trucks were retired for the installation of new cars...
Big Red Cars
The most popular of the attractions in Wiggle's World has been the Big Red Cars.   Made famous by the Wiggle's Song by the same name, lines for this ride were often some of the longest in the park.

The former Trucking Co. site was retrofit with car style bodies which utilize the same guide rails and power source.   The new cars were set up to run in the reverse direction the trucks ran.

The ride station was spruced up with bright new paint and signage as well, making the whole thing look brand new.
The scenery along the route of the cars was changed to reflect the Wiggle's tour of the world.  The cartoony backdrops include major world cities, as well as Six Flags as "home".

Part way through the season, an additional sign was added to the Big Red Cars station roof, facing towards the other side of Wiggle's World which is bisected by the Big Red Car ride.
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Big Red Cars
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