Playground style attractions have often been included in the lineup of amusement parks, offering physical activities alongside the rides. Most parks have removed these classic play pieces in favor of safer and more modern play structures and elements.

When Great Adventure debuted Kiddie Kingdom in 1976, one of the new features introduced was a climbing structure made of wooden pilings and lumber and featuring multiple levels for climbing including a suspension bridge. The structure was built over gravel. The very primitive structure was state of the art for the 1970's.

The Kiddie Climb was popular with the young guests in Kiddie Kingdom, particularly the suspension bridge that children loved to bounce on. The wood structure often gave children splinters, the ropes often pinched or burned their hands, and the lack of any padding beneath lead to scraped knees and elbows, and kids loved it. These old style kinds of play structures disappeared as technology improved the safety of play equipment and lawyers and insurance companies took away fun in favor of safety.
After the 1983 season the Kiddie Climb was removed when Kiddie Kingdom was reimagined and renovated for the 1984 season with the introduction of the Shirt Tales characters and Shirt Tales Land.  The new area introduced more modern attractions and play structures.