Kid sized versions of adult rides became popular in amusement parks and theme parks around the world, with the full size and scaled down versions of the rides often placed alongside one another. In many cases the kids rides were manufactured by the same company that made the adult version. 

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For the 1982 season Six Flags Great Adventure added a kid sized version of the popular Scrambler ride as part of Kiddie Kingdom. The ride was a perfectly scaled down version of the park's original Scrambler ride.

The Scrambler was initially located at the back of the Kiddie Kingdom area, exposing the uncovered ride to the weather's elements.  

Kiddie Kingdom became Shirt Tales Land in 1984 and transitioned into Looney Tunes Land in 1985 and then into Bugs Bunny Land in 1988, each time taking on new names with the introduction of new characters.

In 1988, the ride was relocated to the center of the children's area taking up residence under a protective canopy.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer:   Eli Bridge Company - Illinois
Ride Direction: Counter Clockwise
Number of Units: 12
Unit Capacity: 2
Cycle Capacity: 24
Riding Time: 90 seconds
Loading Time: 2 minutes
Unloading Time: 1 minute
Cycle Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Cycles Per Hour: 13.3
Hourly Capacity: 312
Restraining Devices: Seat Belts, Door Locks, Pin
Ride Restriction: Not over 54 inches

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Kiddie Scrambler Ride


At the close of the 2004 season, Bugs Bunny Land was demolished in order to make way for the biggest expansion in the park's history with the new Golden Kingdom. As part of the new Golden Kingdom, Balin's Jungleland was included as a new area of children's attractions.

One of the rides that was included in the new area was the scaled-down Scrambler, complete with an elaborate new makeover to fit the exotic theme of the new area.

With the new installation as Raja's Rickshaws, the Scrambler was repainted and outfitted with elaborate peacocks adorning the tops of each of the arms. The aluminum cars were redesigned to look like small rickshaws with wheels and yokes and rattan seats. The ride retained its original platform which had been resurfaced and the surrounding rails were repainted to match the new base color of the ride. To complete the ride, an ornate operator booth was added.
Kiddie Scrambler
Names Through the Years

1982-1983  Kiddie Scrambler

1984  Tyg's Supersonic Scrambler

1985-1987  Tasmanian Devil
Super Scrambler

1988-2004  Speedy Gonzales
Tijuana Taxi

2005-2010  Raja's Rickshaws

2011 -Present  Raja's Rickshaws
(in Safari Kids)
With changes in Six Flags corporate and park level management combined with economic challenges, in 2009 the rides of Balin's Jungleland including Raja's Rickshaws were removed as part of cost saving plans. After just one week after the ride's removal, guest outcry brought the ride back within the month, along with the adjoining Monkey Around swing ride.

Raja's Rickshaws continued to run for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, but was then relocated when Balin's Jungleland was closed for redevelopment in 2011. The ride would soon find a new home across the park along with its former neighbor the Bugaboo ride. The two rides became part of the Safari Kids area, taking over the former location of the S.S. Feathersword in what had been Wiggles World.


The perfectly scaled down version of the Scrambler outlasted the park's original Scrambler ride, but for 2012 was joined by another Scrambler ride with the installation of Deja Vu as part of the new Adventure Alley.

The two sizes of Scramblers are nearly identical with the exception of scale, and the rides drive mechanisms. The full sized version uses a series of drive shafts and gears, while the kid-sized version utilizes oversized fanbelts.

The Kiddie Scrambler has delighted thousands of children over more than thirty seasons in the park. For many guests it was one of their first rides and is now one of their children's first rides as well.