Rides for the smallest guests at amusement and theme parks have always tended to be low on thrills but high on cuteness, and one of the most popular rides for the toddler set in parks has been the Lady Bug ride.

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For the 1976 season, Great Adventure's children's area was relocated as part of the redesign of the park which included moving the park's entrance. The former park entrance area became the new children's section, Kiddie Kingdom.

The Lady Bug ride was one of the new rides added to the center of the Kiddie Kingdom section. The area would be remodeled several times with roofs added over the rides to help cool things down in the summer sun. In 1984 the ride was renamed as part of the retheme of the children's area with the arrival of the Shirt Tales characters, becoming Pammy's Lovely Lady Bugs.

The Shirt Tales characters were replaced by the Looney Tunes after only one season, and the children's area took on the new name Looney Tunes Land from 1985-1988.

In 1988 the area was remodeled once again, this time becoming Bugs Bunny Land. As part of the remodel the original simple roof structure was replaced with a new "modern" tent structure.

Bugs Bunny Land was closed at the end of the 2004 season to make way for the new Golden Kingdom section in 2005 which would include the Balin's Jungleland kids area.

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Royal Cascade - Oregon
Ride Rotation: Clockwise
Number of Units: 6 cars
Unit Capacity: 4
Cycle Capacity: 24
Riding Time: 90 seconds
Loading Time: 2 minutes
Unloading Time: 1 minute
Cycle Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Cycles per Hour: 13.3
Hourly Capacity: 312
Restraining Device:   Safety belts
Ride Restriction: Not over 54 inches

The Lady Bug Set of Cars 
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  As part of the new Balin's Jungleland area, the Lady Bug ride returned to the park as Bugaboo with an elaborately colorful new paint scheme. The ride vehicles were painted in bright colors and a new floral centerpiece was added to the ride with a butterfly on top. Even the fiberglass track/steps were repainted with colorful flourishes and the central canvas covering was decorated with a leaf design reflecting the new jungle theme.

The colorful Bugaboo ride quickly became one of the standouts of the new area of the park. Pictures of the ride were often used in brochures and other advertising materials. When the ride was removed from the park for the 2009-2010 seasons it was still prominently featured in advertising materials. 
  Lady Bug Names
Through the Years

1976-1983  Lady Bug

1984  Pammy's Lovely Lady Bugs

1985-1987  Petunia Pig Lady Bugs

1988-2004  Petunia Pig Love Bugs

2005 - 2008  Bugaboo
(in Balin's Jungleland)


2011-Present  Bugaboo
(in Safari Kids)
With changes in Six Flags corporate and park level management combined with economic challenges, in 2009 the rides of Balin's Jungleland including Bugaboo were removed as part of cost saving plans. After just one week after the ride's removal, guest outcry brought the Raja's Rickshaws and Monkey Around rides were brought back within the month, but the Bugaboo remained missing. The former Bugaboo location had benches and later a cart of flowers added. 
A FrightFest Lady Bug 

Though the Bugaboo ride had been removed from the park for the 2009-2010 seasons, one of the ride vehicles made a brief appearance in the park as part of the Fright Fest attractions in 2009. Though the ride had been removed from the park, the ride's parts were being stored in the park's boneyard so it could be reinstalled at a future date.
  For the start of the 2011 season many changes occurred around the park including the closure of Balin's Jungleland for future development and the retheme of Wiggles World.

 Wiggles World became Safari Kids and the site of the S.S. Feathersword was cleared and became the new home to Bugaboo along with the Raja's Rickshaws ride. The two former Kiddie Kingdom attractions were together again at the opposite end of the park, and continued to delight riders.

The Lady Bug ride has been a first ride for thousands of young guests for more than thirty-five years, with two and sometimes even three generations of riders enjoying this gentle first ride.