Always looking to share cutting edge entertainment, the introduction of new laser show technologies debuted for a single season in 1990.

For the 1990 season, Great Adventure tried offering a new night time show in the Great Arena. The Laser Adventure show made use of the huge venue and offered a projected laser show on a screen stretched across the stage as well as lasers projected into the sky and bounced off a series of mirrors around the Arena. The show was set to a soundtrack of popular music of the day including "Hangin' Tough" by New Kids on the Block, and "Escapade" by Janet Jackson.

Most of the music featured a series of generic images that more or less matched the music lyrics, but the highlight was "Escapade" which featured the Great Adventure logo and images of the parks rides and animals and always elicited cheers.
 Part of the show involved lasers pointing into the sky, and for each show a plane spotter had to be stationed in the Arena to stop the upward beams if a plane was passing in the area, which was quite frequent with the McGuire Air Force Base just down the road.

The show was computer controlled and the programming for the patterns was stored on magnetic storage tapes which resembled large video tapes. 

The show often was sparsely attended, but in a venue the size of the Great Arena even a lot of people feels like a sparse crowd. The show only ran for the 1990 season. 
Original Spotlight:  October 12, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  PROD-1990-001